What if I Won the Lunch with Obama??

obama-hopeI know I have about as much chance of winning a lunch with President Obama in Chicago as I do winning the lottery with a ticket. I have been a sucker for this fundraising strategy since 2008. This time responding to the DCCC email, I felt a certain thrill. What if I actually won. What would I ask him? What would I say?

I would have to work so hard to ground myself and maintain my voice. What next?

First, I would thank him for withstanding so much ridiculous criticism with grace, for serving with such intelligence, and for being a great role model for leadership.

Then I would ask him how he avoided burn out working so long and hard as President.

What are some of the surprising leadership lessons he learned in the White House?

If he could go incognito anywhere in the world, where would he go? What is his idea of a perfect day?

What did he read on his vacation? What does he look forward to reading in January?

I’m not sure what I’d want to share. I believe I’d be happy to just enjoy the conversation. With my adrenaline surely pumping, how would I remember it?

What would you say or ask if you won?


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