Asking the Right Questions

In A Jane Austen Education, a memoir by William Deresiewicz, he quotes his mentor professor: “Answers are easy,” he would later say. “You can go out to the street and any fool will give you answers. The trick is to ask the right questions.” (Karl Kroeber)

This resonated with me because I learned the importance of powerful questions in my executive coach training with CTI. The training provides you with examples of powerful questions; however, the key is to let your intuition take the lead.

In this graduation season there have been many videos of speeches posted, and this one by Dean James is a keeper:

Here are the five questions and bonus question listed for future reference:

  1. Wait, what?

2. I wonder why/if?

3. Couldn’t we at least?

4. How can I help?

5. What truly matters?

Bonus: And did you get what you wanted out of life, even so?

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