Profile in Courage: Malala

Malala and her papaSarah Harriet and I watched the movie He Named Me Malala at lunchtime and I have been emotionally fragile ever since. I boo-hooed through the movie, especially when Malala met with Nigerian parents of kidnapped schoolgirls and whenever they showed girls around the world eager to learn in school.

He Named Me Malala is a powerful film because it so beautifully shows the special bond between Malala and her father Ziauddin. It raises the question of whether Malala would have spoken out if not for her father. Malala answers that question for me: she would not be who she is without her special parents and she made her own choices to speak out. She is also being who God created her to be. Girls in school featured in He Named Me Malala

I appreciated the opportunity to see film clips of Malala publicly advocating for girls’ education before the Taliban attack. She elected to be a spokesperson even before she became world famous.

Malala embodies courage and her story is hugely inspiring. The film also gives a non-stereotyped view into Muslim life in Pakistan. Davis Guggenheim made great directorial choices including illustrating some of the foundational stories in pastel animation. They matched the narrative tone.

Overall, his greatest gift is in gaining Malala’s family’s confidence, thereby giving us a more intimate profile in courage.

Malala’s dedication to the 63 million girls who are out of school is remarkable. It is also a cause we should all support. So much good comes from girls’ education. Worried about over population? There is a strong correlation between girls’ education and falling birth rates. Worried about poverty? There is a strong correlation between girls’ education and family well being.

You can support international girls’ education through The Malala Fund.  Or through a number of other organizations working toward the same cause: Camfed, CARE, and World Vision.

P.S. There was a powerful trailer for the movie Suffragette shown before the feature. It looked like it is going to be great and I am not sure I will be able to watch: INTENSE!